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software MorphOS   LibMaker 0.11
  software MorphOS posted by g_kraszewski on 20-Oct-2014 14:20:01 (222 reads)
LibMaker is a tool for developers writing shared libraries. Library details and set of functions can be comfortably specified with GUI (screenshots). Extensive bubble help texts make it even easier. Defined library project may be saved for later reuse. After one click LibMaker generates a complete, ready to compile library skeleton with makefile, placeholders for autodocs and set of include files needed to use the library in applications. For now supported target systems are MorphOS and AmigaOS 3 (GCC 2.95.3 compiler), AmigaOS 4 support is on the way. Code generators are implemented as user modifable Lua scripts, new generators may be added without program recompilation. LibMaker supports incremental development, if library functions are generated to separate files, code generator does not overwrite existing ones. The program is open sourced, may be downloaded from MorphOS Files.

Miscellaneous News   New Design Mugs Available
  Miscellaneous News posted by amigakit on 17-Oct-2014 12:31:47 (727 reads)
The new official mugs are now in stock and available from now and other authorised A-EON Technology resellers very soon.

The mugs are available in two designs, the blue mug and the special edition white mug with the anniversary notation.

Events   FCUG picnic lunch - Sunday, Oct. 19
  Events posted by RobertB on 17-Oct-2014 3:24:10 (145 reads)
Happy Halloween, C= and Ami aficionados!

This month the Fresno Commodore User Group has its annual "picnic" lunch starting at 11 a.m. at

Logan's Roadhouse
7507 N Blackstone Ave.
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 437-9385



All members and their family are treated to this lunch, and the club
pays for everything! Come and enjoy a relaxing time with us! Gifts
will be given!

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
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Miscellaneous News   New Mouse Mat Available
  Miscellaneous News posted by amigakit on 16-Oct-2014 10:41:23 (527 reads)
The new official mouse mat is now in stock and available from now and other authorised A-EON Technology resellers very soon.

Dimensions of: 24 x 19 CM. Rigid plastic pad which is more durable than regular mouse mats. Features anti-slip backing and easy to clean surface.

Suitable for use with most optical and ball mice, including the Boing Ball Mouse.

Direct Product Links:

United States

United Kingdom


  9 comments News   REV'n'GE! #18 News posted by Seiya on 16-Oct-2014 0:27:12 (139 reads)
Issue #18 is now online:
  Post comment News   New Wazp3D Driver - Beta56 News posted by noXLar on 15-Oct-2014 21:02:42 (481 reads)
DESCRIPTION Wazp3D : Alain THELLIER - Paris - FRANCE Wazp3D is a library
intended to be compatible with the famous Warp3D.library (AmigaOS 68020-40 or
OS4-PPC or Aros or Morphos )
If you enjoyed Wazp3D send me a postcard at: Thellier. 43 Rue Ordener. 75018

15 Oct 14

Wazp3D Driver Beta56

GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)

o Compatible with the famous Warp3D.library for AmigaOS
o Inside Aros & WinUAE & Morphos can also render in hardware
o StormMesa & MiniGL compatibility
o The 97 functions from the latest Warp3D.library v5 are presents
o Sources included ( Wazp3D has been ported to AROS)
o Can be software only (=slow) : no need to have 3D hardware
o Work in UAE so can serve to compile/test your 3D softwares inside UAE
o Wazp3D can lie and pretend to have a "perfect hardware driver" so the
3D-softwares will not fail due to a lacking feature.
o Full Documentation, faq and grabs at
o Unlike QuarkTex you can run multiple Warp3D applications concurrently
o Built-in debugger
o Demo-program to use with Wazp3D

Download on OS4Depot

hardware Classic   RapidRoad USB starts shipping on October 20th, 2014
  hardware Classic posted by Wiesel on 13-Oct-2014 17:01:19 (987 reads)
The new High-speed USB host controller "RapidRoad" by Individual Computers will start shipping on october 20th, 2014.

RapidRoad uses the USB Stack Poseidon, which we have purchased as a source code license back in october 2011. Now we're making use of this license and fill a huge gap in the market of Amiga hardware that has existed for a few years now. RapidRoad is based on a High-speed USB host controller chip that has not been used for the Amiga before.

Click the "Read More" button for more info ------------------------->
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Events   AmiWest 2014 Update
  Events posted by tekmage on 12-Oct-2014 1:55:38 (509 reads)
The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club Announces Amiwest 2014 website. This 17th annual event takes place October 24th thru the 26th at the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA.

Admission is FREE for the 3 day event. Come see the newest Amigas now available along with demonstrations of the newest Amiga Operating systems. Amiga emulators for your PC or MAC are also being exhibited. And we will have a large collection of the original Amiga systems for your reminiscing. The event will be broadcast via the internet as well, check out the broadcast page for details. For special Hotel rates and more information hotel page

Click READ MORE for details ===>
  2 comments | Read more News   Jack for AmigaOS Update 4.6 Now Available News posted by djrikki on 11-Oct-2014 11:36:43 (596 reads)
Hello fellow Amigans,

And so its been a long time coming, what with starting a new job and not finding the time in front of my favourite OS, but I am pleased to finally announce the 4.6 release of Jack for AmigaOS.

Jack - the must have multi-purpose utility for Workbench

Click READ MORE for details ===>
  3 comments | Read more News   MorphOS: Lua Explorador 0.5 News posted by g_kraszewski on 8-Oct-2014 7:33:47 (451 reads)
Lua Explorador is a GUI based source level debugger for Lua programs. Version 0.5 released yesterday, supports passing commandline arguments to debugged scripts. The feature handles both the standard Lua arg[] table (including a script path in arg[0]), and MorphOS specific argline variable. The program is available on MorphOS Files.

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